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What Does a Management Company Offer?
  • Communicate with association members/owners, vendors, and board
  • Respond to letters and log calls from owners
  • Serve as a resource person for members/owners
  • Send notices of annual meetings with annual invoices
Financial Management
  • Collect annual assessments
  • Ensure expenses are paid
  • Provide financial statements
  • Create a draft budget  for the board
  • Confirm tax forms are completed and taxes are paid, as appropriate
Advice and Consultation
  • Refer the board to other professional advisors
  • Advise the board on governing documents
  • Process insurance claims and research insurance coverage
Record Keeping
  • Manage files and records for each member of the association
  • Maintain all records for the association
  • Process Architectural Control Committee (ACC) applications if applicable
Property Management and Maintenance
  • Negotiate contracts – with board approval
  • Acquire three bids on all maintenance projects
  • Monitor all projects by contract vendors, such as: landscaping and custodial services
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Inspect common areas in subdivision and monitor restriction violations

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